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Once upon a time, many years ago, I stumbled on a book that changed my life. It asked me to think about my life and what I hoped it would be. What would be my purpose in life? That set me on a journey of self discovery and I eventually found that my purpose is to help people be more effective, motivated and fulfilled in what they do. That is how I wanted to make a difference. I enjoy learning and I enjoy helping others learn. I hope to share in these pages ideas, thoughts and reflections that I hope would be useful to you.

I decided to write a book called “Conversations About Success – What Matters and How to Achieve It” because I wanted to explore the meaning of success and if there were timeless principles that we could follow to increase our chances of achieving our own personal success. Personally I believe deeply in the value of personal development and in the value of books to develop and inspire people.

The kindle e-book version and paperback version is available on Amazon. I would very much appreciate reviews so that it can be continuously improved. If you’re located in Singapore or Malaysia, you can email me at tsaps31@yahoo.com for a direct order of the hardcopy or e-book version.

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“Learn as though you were to live forever, live as though you were to die tomorrow”  ~ Gandhi