What is Success? What Matters and How to Achieve It


What is success?

There is a passage on the wall that goes like this:

Success means something different to each one of us, but it comes

to those of us who are willing to work hard,

and who continue to be dedicated

to making their dreams come true

Success means setting goals and

focusing yourself in the right direction

in order to reach them.

It means believing in yourself and

constantly reminding yourself that

you are capable of achieving your desires

But most of all, success is being who you are,

and feeling proud of yourself,

for every task and challenge that you

face and conquer along the way.

Take a look at the first and the last verse. Success means something different to each one of us, and success is being who you are. Before you can be a success, you first have to know yourself, know your purpose and know what you want in life. Once you know the WHAT (i.e. what your purpose is and what you want in life), then you figure out the HOW (i.e. how to achieve your success).

We seem to struggle with the WHAT a lot of times, not knowing what we want. As a result, life seems to be less meaningful and sometimes, it feels as though we’re drifting or cruising along day by day. You may be a student who is about to graduate but not really knowing what job you want to go for, or someone who has worked for some time and feel stagnant in your job, or someone who may have suddenly been told that you may lose your job because of company restructuring. If you feel that way, spend some time figuring out the WHAT. This is an important first step but here, we cover the HOW, assuming you already know what you want to do.

How to achieve success?

Is there a formula to success? Are there critical ingredients in the recipe for success? Or is success achieved through luck? I’m sure there are some lucky souls out there where things seem to just happen for them through sheer luck, whether it’s fame or financial success or whatever their definition of success is. For the majority of us, I believe that success is not just a function of luck. There must be certain things we can do to increase the odds of us achieving our own measure of success. What that is, is the subject that I’m exploring.

There is a truckload of self-help literature out there that can tell you how to achieve success – focusing on character, personality or techniques in living life successfully, as well as how-to books on how to achieve success in specific fields of endeavor. So, how is this different? I have made a personal endeavor to find out if there are critical factors to success. This list comes from various self-help and success literature out there, as well as personal experience in trying out them out. I decided many months back to write a book on this so that I may share with you what I have found to be particularly insightful, useful and practical. What I’ve done is also to distil the knowledge and wisdom from all these sources into one coherent piece, in the form of 12 principles of success. These principles are generic and not specific to any particular field or discipline.

What is a principle? Think of a principle as a natural law or rule that is timeless, something that works all the time, and will always be there, no matter what happens. It’s like gravity – gravity is always there and will always be there, no matter what happens. Here’s the important part – the secret or key to the power of these principles is the constant commitment and application of the principles.

Each success principle chapter will cover 1 principle – the description of each principle is kept as short as possible to provide the key essence so that it’s easily remembered. I’ve also taken the liberty to include tips on how to put it into practice straight away, and start making it a habit, because after reading something, most people will think, so what? How do I use this? How can this help me? The sources of each principle are also listed so that you can delve deeper into them if you wish.

One thing I have come to appreciate is this – Many things in life are simple. Success is ours if we stick to these principles. We just need to remember to stick to them. Don’t get distracted by the noise from too many success tips and techniques. Just clear the mind and let the principles be our trusted guide.

Each principle is told through the experience and dreams of Eddie. Eddie is a university graduate and has been working for a few years with a multi-national company. He is a regular guy, just like most of us, has a keen interest in personal development, and wants to know if there are certain principles that he can adopt to achieve success in life. If you’d like to find out more about Eddie’s experiences, just spend less than a dollar ( available for a limited time period) and download the e-book at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B015U9SZ3E


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